Top 10 Qualities or Traits of a Good Tax Consultant

If there is something we can all agree on, then it is the fact that taxes are essential. If this sounds like a fallacy to you, you might have a change of mind when you try using a public service. However, one thing that is difficult about tax is the processes of filing tax returns. Yes, filing tax returns is complicated, especially for individuals or corporations with no experience doing it. For this reason, hiring a writer becomes inevitable.

Who is a Tax Consultant or Advisor?

Who is a Tax Consultant or Advisor?

The payment of taxes is compulsory for individuals and corporations. Due to the complexities in understanding some taxes, many taxpayers find it more relieving to hire tax professionals to manage their taxes than doing it themselves.

Capital Gains Tax in Nigeria – All You Must Know

Capital Gains Tax in Nigeria

If you have an asset that you want to sell or lease out, it is essential to know if such an asset falls under capital gain assets. If so, it means you are obliged to pay a tax on the asset. This tax is known as capital gains tax. This article will give an overview of capital gains tax (CGT), which includes assets that are subject to this type of tax as well as how to calculate it.

Double Taxation in Nigeria – All You Need to Know

Double Taxation in Nigeria

While it is necessary to pay tax on every income generated in Nigeria, being taxed more than once on the same income is not appropriate. Double taxation always comes at the detriment of the payer. Therefore, it is important to know what causes double taxation and how it can be prevented.

An Overview of Tax Incentives in Nigeria

An Overview of Tax Incentives in Nigeria

Many governments have various ways of providing an ideal business environment in their respective countries. Sometimes, they even offer tax incentives to relevant companies.

An Overview of Personal Income Tax in Nigeria

Personal Income Tax in Nigeria

In every country, it is normal to pay different types of taxes to the local authorities. After collecting the money, the government will use these funds to handle various projects that will serve the people.

An Overview of Stamp Duty in Nigeria

An Overview of Stamp Duty in Nigeria

What is Stamp Duty in Nigeria?

Stamp Duty is essentially the tax levied by the government of a country on written legal, commercial or financial documents used to legally record or validate certain transactions that took place within the country. The written documents are known as (or called) instruments.