Top 10 Qualities or Traits of a Good Tax Consultant

If there is something we can all agree on, then it is the fact that taxes are essential. If this sounds like a fallacy to you, you might have a change of mind when you try using a public service. However, one thing that is difficult about tax is the processes of filing tax returns. Yes, filing tax returns is complicated, especially for individuals or corporations with no experience doing it. For this reason, hiring a writer becomes inevitable.

This article is written to provide you with ten qualities that a good tax consultant or advisor possesses.

Qualities of a Good Tax Consultant

1. Vast Experience

A good tax consultant is someone who is very experienced in what he does. This helps him or her to know how to go about solving issues that might arise while preparing and organizing his client’s tax. A good tax advisor is also experienced working with large firms and not only experienced working with small firms.

2.  Attentive to Detail

Excellent and successful tax consultants are consistently attentive to detail. As they work more with numbers, they know how inaccuracies or errors can mar their credibility. This is why they ensure consistency in cultivating great attention to detail when performing their duties or solving problems.

3. Motivation

A good tax advisor stays motivated even in tough times or periods. Being motivated also means that he or she is always focused and stays on task. Additionally, the tax consultant avoids giving rooms for procrastinations.

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4. Accountability

One trait of a competent tax advisor is to stand by his or her tax returns when things go south. There are situations where mistakes occur. While his clients are held responsible for such errors, it is a bad sign if an advisor is not ready to play his part in defending his or her returns.

5. Commitment

Commitment is a necessary trait of a tax advisor. A good tax consultant must be ready to review his clients’ past tax returns at no charge. It takes a few minutes to review previous returns. As such, a competent tax advisor should prepare to compute it before his clients’ next meeting. This will enable them to spend their time on other issues.

6. Creativity

Creativity might be needed by a tax consultant when attempting to solve his or her clients’ problems. This is why good tax consultants are known to come up with creative strategies to solve several problems and keeping themselves and their clients happy.

7. Personable

How comfortable clients feel with their tax advisor is also an important trait. Since a tax consultant and his or her clients will be working together for a while, it is important that clients feel comfortable with their tax consultant. Clients are fond of asking their consultant questions that might sound stupid to their consultant. A good consultant is ready to answer such questions.

8. Problem Solving Skills

A good tax consultant or advisor is always ready to face and solve issues. Since the roles of a tax consultant include addressing tax issues, he or she is experienced, dedicated, and able to resolve issues that might occur as regards his or her clients’ taxes.

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9. Trustworthy

Trustworthiness is another critical characteristic of good tax consultants or advisors. They show professionalism when dealing with their clients and make sure their clients confide in them. There are secrets clients divulge to their tax consultants when planning and filing taxes. A good tax consultant is always ready to keep his or her clients’ secrets.

10. Excellent Communication Skills

Effective communication is an essential quality of a tax advisor. He or she communicates with clients comprehensively and professionally.


To become or be regarded as a good tax consultant or advisor, the qualities described above should be possessed. Apart from the fact that they increase the value of tax consultants, they increase the chance of being recommended by old and existing clients.